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Probix & Image Armor

Albertson Consulting began working with Probix in the Spring of 2001 when commissioned by Probix to provide application testing for their core product, Trustee™. Two additional projects were soon turned over to ACI: the development of two User Interfaces, which included design, implementation, testing, and documentation for the projects. ACI worked diligently to incorporate the required functionality while continuing to provide testing on new builds of the original product.

As the relationship between ACI and Probix matured, it became obvious that ACI possessed a deep understanding and in-depth knowledge of Trustee™ and retained a significant advantage when it came to implementing the product. This led to a partnership between the two companies and ACI earned the ability to re-sell all Probix content protection products.

A joint venture between ACI and Probix also materialized with the conception and birth of Image Armor™, an online solution that enables artists to digitally protect their photographs, images, and artwork online, yet still allows customers to view and purchase their products on the web.

ACI and Probix continue to build and strengthen their relationship while looking for avenues in which to promote each other's service offerings. For information on how to use ACI to digitally protect your confidential corporate information, please contact us.

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