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Whether your needs involve E-commerce payment processing, custom programming services, process automation, or anything in between our team is ready to assist. We are experienced in a vast array of disciplines including:
» Java
» J2EE
» Perl: CGI
» Oracle
» MSSQL Server
» Flash
» Streaming Video
» C++
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Technical Analysis Services
Technical Analysis Services There is more to a successful Information Technology solution than good programmers and a sound database design. If the solution requires you to adjust the way you do business to fit what your consultant says is the "right" way, it may be time to re-evaluate your consultant. Albertson Consulting offers business services to its clients that allow them to avoid this common pitfall, helping them understand the requirements of the system. Consultants need to know when to just listen and lead, traits that make Albertson Consulting stand out above the competition.

Warehouse Management/Inventory Control
Warehouse Management/Inventory Control Albertson Consulting designs and implements web applications that provide online warehouse management and inventory control. Out-dated, off the shelf solutions are transformed into web-enabled applications, allowing clients to conduct operations on their terms. The applications include billing systems and fully functional warehouse management and inventory control modules.

Content Protection/Digital Rights Management
Content Protection/Digital Rights Management Albertson Consulting provides software testing, results collection, process enhancement, research, and product development for content protection and digital rights management products. Custom created software and proprietary web-based knowledge management portals enable our teams to share critical test results, research, and newly developed products.

Membership Management/Group Ware
Membership Management/Group Ware Albertson Consulting provides web-based membership management tools to associations and state boards across the country. Each solution is custom developed with the client business practices in mind. Continued client interaction ensures that systems are designed to efficiently support processes, not hinder them.

E-Commerce/Payment Processing
E-Commerce/Payment Processing Albertson Consulting designs, develops, and maintains E-commerce payment processing systems for companies around the world. Whether your application requires simple payment processing or advanced multi-currency functionality, AC has the knowledge and experience to design a custom solution enabling you to focus on your core business.

Web Application Design & Development
Web Application Design & Development Albertson Consulting provides web application design and development services using innovative tools and cutting edge graphical interfaces. Custom programming services and add-on products give clients more control over their applications, bringing them closer to their customers.
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