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Probix, Inc. out-sources application testing and software research for new Content Protection Software to Albertson Consulting, Inc.

Funded in October 2000, Probix, Inc., was in search of a testing house that could be relied upon to provide application testing for their new product. As a leading technology provider of secure sharing, protection, and management of digital content, Probix had one requirement: A vendor who was efficient, effective, and economical.

Albertson Consulting welcomed the challenge, knowing that not only could they provide application testing of the highest quality, but that it could be completed at a cost far lower than other companies could even dream of. This paramount prospect provided ACI with a unique opportunity to demonstrate that North Dakotans can compete in the large-scale information age. Their geographical location provided ACI with several advantages, including a strong work ethic, solid educational background, and significantly low operational costs compared to their competitors.

Enlisted in the spring of 2001, Albertson Consulting originally contracted with Probix to provide application testing and vulnerability research. ACI agreed to analyze frequent builds of Probix software within a variety of environments and create detailed reporting results. To do this effectively, ACI created a custom-designed webbased application for test result collection, which gave Probix engineers the ability to view real-time results and reports detailing the success rates. These reports provided Probix developers and engineers instant access to crucial data.

Because of the competence level at ACI, the original agreement expanded to include development. Probix called on ACI to develop and implement a web-based interface to control the backend management of their Probix Content Protection Network software. This system was a multi-tiered Java solution that utilized Tomcat as a front-end application server and a JNI gateway to a C++ API that was used to control the PCPN policy engine. ACI engineers were able to draw upon their wide experience level, intuition, and understanding of system architecture and soon became a part of an on-going process aimed at enhancing Probix's PCPN. As always, security remained the highest priority. Probix took note of ACI's consistent, easy customer interaction and timely, organized development process and chose ACI over other possible prospects for their administrative software. This product, designed and engineered by ACI, is currently available commercially and in use by all Probix customers.

With Probix, Albertson Consulting has been called upon to deliver a wide range of testing, software, and engineering solutions as well as business consulting services. Always ready, ACI has risen to the numerous challenges, proving themselves over and over again.

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