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Whether your needs involve E-commerce payment processing, custom programming services, process automation, or anything in between our team is ready to assist. We are experienced in a vast array of disciplines including:
» Java
» J2EE
» Perl: CGI
» Oracle
» MSSQL Server
» Flash
» Streaming Video
» C++
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Technical Analysis Services

The Path to Technology Success
There is more to a successful Information Technology solution than good programmers and a sound database design. If the solution requires you to adjust the way you do business to fit what your consultant says is the "right" way, it may be time to re-evaluate your consultant. Albertson Consulting offers business services to its clients that allow them to avoid this common pitfall, helping them understand the requirements of the system. Consultants need to know when to just listen and lead, traits that make Albertson Consulting stand out above the competition.

Improving Business Processes
Albertson Consulting analysts lead the productive change that our clients need. Implementing a technology solution on processes that are flawed is a sure path to disappointment. We work with client staff to cultivate the ideas that are already there and hone them into a cohesive plan, resulting in business processes that are lean and that meet the needs of your workers and, more importantly, your clients.

Analyzing Current Computer Systems & Needs
Does your current technology meet the needs of your new and improved business processes? If not, where are the gaps? Albertson Consulting helps clients realize the ramifications of changes in the way they do business. We help our clients understand their technology needs by helping them see that technology is a tool, not a decision maker. This leads to greater clarity in their requirements and less complexity in their systems.

Choosing a Software Solution and Provider
Albertson Consulting knows that choosing the right solution can be a challenge, particularly when you are busy running your operation. Determining whether a custom solution or an off the shelf product is right for you is the first step, but how do you go about making the purchase? Whether that means writing a Request for Proposals (RFP), soliciting bids, or a choice between packaged solutions, Albertson Consulting helps its clients make the decisions that lead to successful implementations.

Creating Ways for Various Systems to Communicate
Albertson Consulting makes it work. Implementing a new solution can wreak havoc on your legacy systems if you are not prepared for the change. Data resides in many formats within most organizations. While those formats work very well for one worker or department, others may need something different. Albertson Consulting helps its clients work through these hurdles by bringing together systems and processes into a streamlined operation, lowering costs and enhancing your bottom line.

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