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Albertson Consulting, Inc. provides software for NDDEMS

( May 04, 2005 )

Minot, ND-May 2, 2005—Albertson Consulting, Inc. recently completed a software implementation for the North Dakota Division of Emergency Medical Services (NDDEMS).


Albertson Consulting’s Big PictureTM Software gives NDDEMS a total EMS personnel management system. The online application replaces existing personnel, certification, and vehicle management systems and testing repositories. Taking separate databases and making them into a single unified online database application.


The new solution allows test result tracking through the entire certification lifecycle and interfaces with the national EMS registry and trip ticket systems. Squad leaders can check credentials from any computer with an Internet connection.


NDDEMS Director Tim Meyer exclaims, “Our rural ambulance services vary greatly in size and resources. This application allows us to verify North Dakota EMS provider credentials from any computer with Internet access.”



The Division of Emergency Medical Services serves as North Dakota's lead Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency. NDDEMS is responsible for the licensure of ambulance services; voluntary certification of quick response units and rescue squads; training, testing, certification and licensure of EMS personnel.


What is Big Picture™?

Big Picture Software™ operates in the Application Service Provider model, where the software is “always available” and accessible via any Internet connection in the world. This model centralizes maintenance, offloads tech support issues, and provides an easy-to-use, highly recognizable interface in a web browser with little to no training. For more information on EMS Organizations Solutions, visit Big Picture™ is a division of Albertson Consulting, Inc.


About Albertson Consulting, Inc.

Albertson Consulting, Inc. (ACI) is a full service Software Engineering and Consulting Services firm focused on providing technology solutions for businesses. ACI personnel possess over 60 years of cumulative experience in software architecture, design, and development. ACI specializes in creating technology products that improve business processes, increase efficiency, and enhance your bottom line. Visit the company website at or call 701-839-7523 for more information.

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